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Personalization: Resistance is Futile

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Benjamin Woll
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How to solve a problem like personalization?

Gartner reports that "by 2018 organizations that have fully invested in all types of personalization will outsell companies that have not by 20%". Personalization is clearly the way of the future.

But being tasked with the responsibility of executing on a personalization strategy for your website and business can be daunting and overwhelming for most marketers. In a blog article titled "Big Reverse of the Web" by Dries Buytaert, Buytaert alludes to a web that is evolving from being "pull-based" to "push-based", where instead of searching for content, users will see content, products, and services served and surfaced to them directly. This is the power of personalization, and it will mean big rewards for those that make best use of it.

Crafting personalized experiences at every customer touchpoint is increasingly vital to improving the overall experience of your business. Resistance truly is futile; even if you don't start now your competitors—and future replacements—most assuredly will. Inaction today means lost opportunities tomorrow and in no time at all, your competitors will be feasting on more than just your leftovers. 

This session will help calm your fears and help to remove some of the objections surrounding personalization. We'll debunk the idea that a fine-tuned strategy is required upfront by starting with the "1-2-3s" (or since we're in Austria, more aptly the "do-re-mi's") of web personalization and show how a crawl-walk-run approach can get you started today.

This session will not just speak about the theoretical application of personalization and content strategy but highlight 2 case studies surrounding the application of personalization and Drupal. We'll dive into examples for personalization in retail e-commerce as well as travel and tourism.

This is an intro session to the topic and no specific Drupal knowledge is required. Participants will learn:

  1. What content personalization is.
  2. How to build customer segments and an intro to building personas.
  3. How to start with a crawl-walk-run approach
  4. How to build a business case and start calculating the ROI
  5. How other businesses have succeeded and lessons learned along the way

Stop saying "So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye" to the money being left on the table for your business!