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Continuous Integration in a Box: Using DevShop for No-Ops.

Backend & Dev-ops
Jon Pugh
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No-Ops is the idea that we shouldn't need any concept of "operations": That we push our code and it gets deployed somewhere, correctly, without anyone needing to intervene. 

DevShop is designed for just that. You do not need to know much about servers at all to use devshop. You don't need to know about Jenkins or writing deploy or testing scripts.

You just need to know about building Drupal websites.

See for more information.

No Maintenance CI

This session will show you how you can get realiable CI without extensive technical knowledge using DevShop.

You can either bring your own Ubuntu 14 server with >2GB, we can help you get one in the session, or you can sign up at to use our platform as a service.


DevShop contains every feature that is needed for a modern CI infrastructure for Drupal, and it's completely open source.

  • Multiple Environments.
  • Automated environment creation on Pull Request.
  • Test Runners, both Automated and Manual.
  • Web based UI.
  • Log Browsing

We've also built a few buttons we think will make Drupal Development much easier:

  • Export Config.
  • Import Config.
  • Download Modules.
  • Commit Code.

Then we took Aegir a step further, expanding it's Server Management capabilities:

  • Create new servers in Softlayer, Digital Ocean, Amazon, etc using the Aegir Cloud module.
  • Configure new servers by checking boxes with the Aegir Ansible module.  Use Aegir to manage any server.
  • Coming Soon: Aegir Verify Queues to continuously monitor your servers.

We will walk through all of the different ways you can use DevShop for development, testing, deploying, and scaling Drupal.


Stay for the Community

Have feedback? Please feel free to post an issue  or talk to us in the chatroom.