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The Design Discovery Jetpack

Design & Front-end
Jesse Emmanuel Rosario
Audience Experience Level

What makes websites a strong channel for the company? Is it the visuals or what it does for its customers? As success is increasingly fought at the experience level, can design help you build websites that people truly value? And if so, how?

This presentation is an introduction to Design Discovery.

We will look at a selection of methods towards a solid discovery process and the role of good User Experience (UX) research in building digital products that people love.

We’ll also look at specific types of design discovery (e.g. design sprints, design studio, etc.) and which apply best to which project.

Finally, we’ll finish with some hot topics in design discovery such as stakeholders, project management, and making UX research relevant in the age of Lean and Agile, among many others.

Four things the audience will take away:

  1. Switch from design = ‘make it pretty’ to design = ‘problem solving’

  2. Incorporate UX research in the design of digital products and services

  3. Decide which research activities are truly productive in the long run

  4. Develop the Researcher’s Mindset to grow the Discovery Mindset